Salmon quartet

14 January 2016 , , admin

Lapland Salmon

The wild lands of the Polar Circle and the cold seas of Lapland give this salmon its firm texture and tasty flavour. Ours is sweetly and subtly smoked in hickory for an unforgettable taste experience.

This salmon is served with lemon Crazy Pearls™.

Patagonia Salmon

The salmon from this untamed region on the southern tip of the Americas has a soft texture and a slightly spicy flavour. The vine wood smoke underlines this natural taste by adding a fruity note.

This salmon is served with violet Crazy Pearls™.

Shetland Salmon

The Shetland Islands Salmon, farmed in the clear waters of the Scottish North East, has a remarkably firm and packed texture, intense colour and a fresh marine flavour. Smoking with whisky barrel oak enhances the salmon’s character with woody and perfumy notes.

This salmon is served with caramel Crazy Pearls™.

Special smoked salmon

Norway’s cold pure waters give this salmon a firm flesh, a uniform colour and a full-bodied sea flavour. Smoking with a selection of fruit trees gives it a fleshy, mellow and soft texture. A mix of Guerande sea salt and cocktail with fennel, celery and lemon gives this salmon its unique taste.

This salmon is served with cassis Crazy Pearls™.

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